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These are magnificent views

Where the sun kisses the grapevines…

... where the peaches blossom in spring, many trails lead out into the countryside, and idyllic spots invite you to stay awhile ...
that’s where you love to visit!

Only here can you find the typical Moselle way of enjoying life. The undiminished feel for a harmonious life in the midst of nature. The joy of every new day and a unique feeling of being at one with nature.

In the middle of this wonderful Mediterranean landscape, directly on the Moselle Promenade, is our hotel. Here you have a unique panoramic view of the sunny slopes of the vineyards to the Moselle. A view across the Moselle region that gives you the uplifting feeling that you have arrived. An optimal starting point for long hikes, bicycle tours, or excursions to historical or cultural sites along the Moselle.

And then enjoy our wonderful wine in the evening and get the next inside information for the next day. Come here once and you’ll want to come back again...

as a guest in Mayer`s Weinhotel